Are You Baking Away Your Anxiety?

Are You Baking Away Your Anxiety?

Chelsea Kilpack, Managing Editor

Amanda Mull isn’t wrong, “This year has been rough. Make some cookies.”  

In a recent piece about “anxiety baking,” Mull details the way one particular cookie recipe kept showing up on her social media feed and at parties. Sure, the cookies were good, but why were they everywhere she turned? “In addition to the satisfaction of creating, the process of baking itself can be calming,” and at a time when anxiety is on the rise, she asserts that the satisfaction of putting down your phone, getting your hands dirty, and finishing with a tangible product is alluring to many people. 

Reading her piece, I couldn’t help but nod in agreement. I’ve found myself elbowdeep in my stand mixer on more than one weekday night after a long day of work, family parties, and time spent at the gym. Baking is an inexpensive way to unplug and spend some time appreciating my home, and it doesn’t hurt that my co-workers rave when I bring in my latest stress concoction. 

Are you baking to combat anxiety? Try our almond spice cookie recipe and share your photos on Instagram with the hashtag #upwellbeing