Carson Daly Talks Anxiety Meds and Weight Gain

Carson Daly Talks Anxiety Meds and Weight Gain

Chelsea Kilpack, Managing Editor

Carson Daly, host of “The Voice” is vocal about his generalized anxiety disorder, and in a recent tweet he shared how weight gain was a sign of improved health, not a side effect of the medication: 

“Fun fact: I assumed recent weight gain was a side effect from an anti-anxiety drug I started (& am getting amazing results from btw..) turns out it’s just working,” he wrote. “The calmer/happier me is in a better mood & appetite increases.” 


In a society that prizes thinness above all else, Daly’s disclosure is an important reminder that weight loss isn’t always positive and can be a sign of negative physical and/or mental health. We know that anxiety can cause a drastic drop in appetite and lead to unhealthy weight loss. Conversely, and in the case of Carson Daly, weight gain can be a sign of improved health, such as a decrease in anxiety. 

Conversations about mental health are critical in reducing the stigma around treatment, especially for men who are less likely to seek help. Kudos to Carson Daly for sharing his story and helping others feel less alone.