Despite What Fad Diets Are Saying, Fruit Isn’t the Enemy

Despite What Fad Diets Are Saying, Fruit Isn’t the Enemy

UpwellBeing Staff

Have you been told to avoid certain fruits because of their place on the glycemic index? How about to only eat blueberries for Alzheimer’s prevention? Carrie Dennett, a registered dietician nutritionist, notes an increase in fruit aversion amongst her clients, which she attributes to fad diets like paleo and keto.

In spite of trendy admonitions about fruit spiking blood sugar, Dennett warns that elimination might actually cause more harm than good for your average person: “Ditching fruit may mean missing out on some key nutrients. Many fruits are rich not just in vitamins and minerals, but also in phytochemicals, natural plant-based compounds that appear to have a variety of health benefits, including helping to prevent cancer and promote cardiovascular health.”

Of course, all diet choices must be made in consultation with an individual’s health professional, but overall, fruit isn’t as scary as some make it seem.

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