Genetics Might Be Responsible for Always Feeling Full

Genetics Might Be Responsible for Always Feeling Full

Source: New York Times

How much of the number on your scale is a matter of willpower and how much of it is genetics? Scientists are continually trying to answer this question, and a new study published in the journal Cell indicates that a genetic component may deserve more of the credit than not when it comes to 6% of the population.

Dr. Sadaf Farooqi, professor of metabolism and medicine at the University of Cambridge, has been studying the MC4R gene for the last twenty years to understand why people with mutations in that single gene are overweight, but new findings show that a particular mutation might just be the reason others are thin.

The MC4R gene “switches on” to tell people when they’ve had enough to eat, and researchers now understand that for up to 6 percent of the population, this gene is always activated. So that friend who is always full, or the family member who isn’t obsessing about their next meal? They might just have a gene mutation that you don’t.

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