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We all like to eat. But the more concerned you are about what you put into your body, the more important being able to make your own delicious, health food becomes. We at UpwellBeing, along with the American Heart Association, are happy to bring you this collection of recipes that are both good tasting and good for you - whether you have diabetes, high blood pressure, gout - or just want to eat better. Use the filters on this page to find just the meal and ingredients you are looking for, and fire up the stove and get to it. Bon appetit!

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Tailgate Chili

Not just great for a game day, chili is the perfect option for your family dinner if you’re looking for something hearty and filling. …

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Chicken And Ham Jambalaya

Hearty and delicious, this chicken and ham jambalaya will leave anyone’s taste buds dancing. Serve with white rice or for a more heart-healthy option, brown rice. …

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Black Bean And Brown Rice Salad

Packed full of nutrients, this heart-healthy salad can serve as the perfect side or a stand-alone lunch. Substitute barley, bulgur, whole-grain pasta, or any other whole …

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Festive Turkey Rice Salad

If you take the delicious flavors from Thanksgiving and combine them with the beneficial nutrients of rice then you have what’s called a Festive …

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Italian Caprese Avocado Toast

One of the most popular dishes associated with this millennial day and age is avocado toast. And like it or not, it’s for a good …

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Egg Muffins

A perfect breakfast-on-the-go option, these egg muffins are packed full of protein and essential nutrients all the while being hearty and delicious. Substitute pork bacon for …