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UpwellBeing Will See You Now

UpwellBeing Will See You Now

By Tim Moran, VP, Editorial, UpwellBeing

I am fortunate enough to have been something of an editorial Zelig—on the spot, throughout my career, to report on important business sea changes. Back in the day, for example, I covered microprocessor design for a weekly newspaper, just as the personal computer was rocketing to stardom and the Internet was taking over. Many years later, I was asked to create an informational website for marketing executives, just as digital marketing became the hot topic in the business world.

Now here I am running content for the new, just as people around the globe—people like you—are taking more control of their own health and wellness. Call it the “consumerization and personalization of health”—it is the next sea change, and its time has come.

Our research indicates that most people studying a condition or disease will immediately go to Google or one of the frightening symptom-driven information sites that abound. Since people today are, more than ever, taking responsibility for their own diagnoses and care, what’s really needed is a trusted source for reliable and useful health, medical, and wellness content. It’s especially important for those who must deal with a chronic condition—one that can be maintained, but never cured.

We aim to make UpwellBeing that site—a powerful resource offering news, trends, personal stories, science, and more, all assembled to help you live well with whatever chronic condition you are dealing with. We will begin by curating and posting multiple stories every day—from high-quality sources around the web—that will add to your knowledge of one of the 17 chronic conditions we currently focus on. Think of us as a one-stop shop: There are literally hundreds of health, medical, and wellness sites out there; we will scour the Web for the best content so you don’t have to.

But be assured, we will keep our skeptic’s hat nearby to help differentiate the innumerable health and wellness fads out there from legitimate treatments plans that make sense and are supported by science. Furthermore, as we progress, we hope to add more and more original content to the site—based on what you, our readers, tell us is important. In the meantime, you can follow us, as well, on Facebook and Twitter.

So, the UpwellBeing team and I will be there to help you learn, understand, and, most importantly, act all along the way to find ways to live well and be well, no matter what.